Shipping Information

Current Shipping Time Frame:

We are working on an approximately 6-10 week shipping time frame.

We say "approximately" because there have been instances in which things are out of our control that prevented us from making that deadline. (Power outage, sickness, etc.)

Before reaching out about an order, please know the following:

Each item not made in house has a status update attached to the listing that is the most up to date information about the product you've ordered.

You will receive an email upon purchase of the item. If you do not see one in your emails, please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, please check that the email you provided is correct.

You will receive another email once your label has been printed, which will provide a tracking number. From there you can track your order.

If possible PLEASE do not reach out about your order, if it has not passed the time frame it was supposed to be shipped within. (Unless address change is needed etc)

Time taken to answer emails, about orders that are well within the shipping timeframe, is time taken away from us being able to make your orders.

We understand that our shipping timeframe may seem long, but we are a team of two individuals, working tirelessly and diligently to provide quality products to all who chose to support us. We appreciate your support and understanding.